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Families face a shortfall of time and money for care.  A majority of America's children have no one at home full-time to care for them, while others, including the elderly and people with disabilities, increasingly need care.  Jobs divide employees into those with high pay, benefits, but long hours and little time for family or leisure, and those with low wages, few benefits, and insufficient flexibility and financial resources to care for their families.  We can and should do better.  Working families have fundamental rights to financially sustain and to care for themselves and their families.  These rights include:

  1. The right to annual paid family, medical and personal leave for full- and part-time employees. Minimum standards for leave are:
    1. two weeks of employer-funded paid personal leave for all employees to be taken at the time of their choosing.
    2. seven days of employer-funded sick time for personal or family illness
    3. 12 weeks of paid leave for parents of newborn, adoptive and foster children, and for serious illness of the employee, a child, a parent or other relative, spouse or partner.
    4. 16 hours of employer-funded leave to be taken in small increments for doctor's appointments, parent-teacher meetings, and other small necessities.
  2. The right to negotiated flexibility over work hours and place:
    1. the ability to shift between full-time and reduced hours as family and personal circumstances change.
    2. equal pay rates and at least pro-rated benefits for reduced hours employees
    3. no mandatory overtime.
    4. flexible schedules and place of work, mutually agreed upon by employees and employers.
  3. The right to quality, affordable child and elder care.
  4. The right to a minimum wage set at a living wage level and indexed to inflation.
  5. The right to adequate health insurance for all.

These rights shall apply to all regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, age, place of birth, religion, sexual orientation, or marital, family or disability status.

Respectfully Signed,
9to5 Colorado9to5 National Association of Working Women
9to5 Poverty Network Initiative - Wisconsin9to5, Atlanta Working Women
A Better Balance: The Work & Family Legal CenterActivistas
Alternatives to Marriage ProjectAmalgamated Transit Union, Local 192
Asian Law CaucusBay Area 9to5
Cambridge Women's CommissionCenter for the Education of Women, Univ of Mich
Center for Women and WorkCenter for WorkLife Law
Coalition of Labor Union WomenCoalition of Women from Asia and the Middle East
CWA Local 9575CWA Local 1034
CWA Local 9423DuPage NOW
Equal Rights AdvocatesFamily Caregiver Alliance
Family Voices NJFrench-American Foundation
Georgia Stand-Upharmonyhope
harmonyhopeIntegral Work/Life Consulting
Labor Project for Working FamiliesLolitek Consulting
Maine Women's LobbyMassachusetts Paid Leave Coalition
MIT Workplace CenterMOTHERS (Mothers Ought To Have Equal Rights)
National Council of Women's OrganizationsNational Employment Law Project
National Organization for WomenNational Partnership for Women & Families
New Jersey Citizen ActionNew Jersey Time to Care Coalition
Purdue University Women's Studies ProgramSan Mateo County Central Labor Council
Statewide Parent Advocacy Network of NJThe Mothers Movement Online
The Take Care NetWider Opportunities for Women
Women's Business Development CenterWomen's Opportunity Link of DE, Inc.
Working Innovations, Inc.WorkOptions.com
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Christine Firer Hinze
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Netsy Firestein
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Amy FishNancy Folbre
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Kimberly Fox
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Jacqueline Fralley
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Michael FrancisMelissa Freiburger
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Mindy Fried
Stew Friedman
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Elizabeth Frye
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